On Wednesday, October 28th, The Imani School received 20 monitors, desktops, mice, keyboards, and adapters. Derek Potts, Founder and National Managing Partner of Potts Law Firm delivered the donation after hearing about the important work The Imani School is doing from his friend and prominent Houstonian, Jodie Jiles.

The Imani School is a private Christian school located in southwest Houston. The school was founded in 1988 and 25 students attended classes in their local church building. In 1993 the school moved to a 24-acre shopping center and started construction of their new building. When construction ended in 1996, 250 students were enrolled, and the school never stopped growing.

The Imani School is known for its reputation of academic excellence within a family-like environment. The school is filled with a caring faculty promote hard work, respect, leadership, and self-esteem. According to the school’s original and only head of school, Patricia Hogan Williams, “Imani means faith, and that’s our goal and our mission – to develop faith, self-confidence, and academic excellence in our children.” Many of the students that leave The Imani School receive scholarships to attend St. John’s High School, Episcopal High School, and St. Thomas High School to name a few.

The computers will transform the school’s library into a media center, allowing students more access to vital resources and opening doors for their futures. With a computer lab, students can readily check their grades and stay on top of their assignments. Having a media center will allow students to learn programs like Microsoft Office Suite, C++, and Java. Access to computers will provide students with beneficial skills for their high school and professional careers.

Knowing that such a small gesture could change so many lives is humbling. Potts Law is honored to help a local school in its endeavors to create a better future for the kids of Houston.

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