The Texas Department of Transportation made their final environmental impact statement for the proposed plan of expanding Interstate 45. The North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) is set to take place in 3 different zone at different times. TxDOT will start in Central Houston, also considered Segment 3. From there, they will continue backwards with segment 2 and segment 1. The total project time is estimated to take nearly 10 total years. The $7 billion dollar project seems to be the topic in the news lately.

The North Houston Highway Improvement Project is expected to help with the congestion of downtown traffic. While some believe this will be great for Houston, others are losing their safe space– their home. Nearly 300 home and business owners are losing their livelihoods to this project. The government will start to offer those affected by the expansion a form of compensation, most of which will be little to nothing. Those affected have a right to a fair settlement.

The Potts Law Firm has attorneys who can help you and knows exactly what you are going through. Michael Bins is an inverse condemnation attorney at the Potts Law Firm. Michael was 14 when the government came to his house and told his family they needed his property to create another student parking lot for a high school down the street. “They gave us what I consider to be pennies on the dollar,” is how Michael describes the check the government gave his family. He became a lawyer to help others fight if put in the same situation. The Potts Law Firm is here to help those who are in need.

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