Last week 500 lawyers were selected for Lawdragon’s 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers.

Lawdragon released the following statement about the chosen lawyers.

“The remarkable 500 lawyers featured here are the warriors who fight the good fight for consumers who have been injured or had family killed through accidents, medical malpractice, faulty products, or toxic exposure. They take on sexual predators and police and others who commit misconduct, grievously harming and killing individuals and trampling their civil rights. These lawyers stand up against the worst, seeking justice and providing hope.

We selected these attorneys through nominations, research, and review by a board of their peers. And, a sad nod of the head to 2021, which deprived lawyers of the ‘biggest verdicts and settlements of the year’s achievements in any significant numbers. So watch out for a blockbuster year or two ahead.

This year seemed a fitting time as well to honor an amazing and historic class of plaintiff lawyers who truly created the world of personal injury and plaintiff consumer lawyering as we know it today. You will see them recognized here (with past Plaintiff Consumer Hall of Fame members) denoted with an asterisk.

Those visionaries, of course, have created the playing field on which today’s leading trial lawyers to work every day, fighting with every fiber of themselves to help people.”

Derek H. Potts and Micah T. Dortch are among the 500 lawyers chosen. Click here to see the complete list of 2021 Lawdragon 500 Leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyers.

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