Ford Motor Company is recalling over 16,000 F-150 Super Cab pickups as a result of the improper installation of their seatbelts. The misrouting of these seatbelts makes the belts extremely dangerous and defective with the potential of causing serious injury in an accident. The recall affects 2021 model F 150s that were manufactured between January 2 and May 27 of 2021. The seatbelts were incorrectly routed through a plastic trim sleeve instead of an anchor as designed and in a crash, the seatbelts may not be able to properly restrain the driver or front seat passenger resulting in an increased chance of injury.

Ford will be sending each of the owners of these vehicles information which will allow them to determine if their F 150 seatbelts are defective. If the seatbelts are defective then Ford is telling the owners that they should not drive the vehicles until the belts are replaced. Ford never explains how the owners are to get their F-150s to their local dealerships without driving them but that is the instruction that Ford is giving them. The dealerships have been instructed to replace the defective seatbelts free of charge.

If you have one of these vehicles and believe that your injuries in an accident were caused by the seatbelt’s failure to properly restrain you, be sure to inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and contact an auto defect attorney such as those at the Potts Law Firm.

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If you are driving a vehicle that has recalled parts, it’s very important for your safety that you get your vehicle checked as soon as possible. If you or a loved one have been the victim of an automobile defect, contact the auto defect attorneys at The Potts Law Firm to review your case.

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