A motion has been filed with the Texas Supreme Court by Six Flags Splashtown seeking to establish a Texas MDL concerning the litigation related to the kiddie pool chemical leak at the Hurricane Harbor Splashtown Spring location on July 17, 2021.

Based on several reports, a kiddie pool began to leak chemicals around 3 p.m., causing skin irritation, a burning sensation, and respiratory issues for visitors, many of them children. The park was evacuated and hazmat teams were called in to decontaminate parkgoers of the chemicals. The Harris County Fire Marshal’s office described the leak as a hypochlorite solution (10-13% liquid bleach) and 35-percent sulfuric acid, which is reported to have the equivalent toxicity of battery acid. Many of the parkgoers were transported by ambulances to local hospitals for additional treatment, some in critical condition.

After investigating the incident, Six Flags Splashtown announced that the chemicals were leaked into the pool through a faulty water filtration system.

A lawsuit was first filed by Potts Law Firm, out of Houston, on July 19th for a mother and several of her children injured by the chemical leak. Since then, hundreds of lawsuits have also been filed in the Harris County District Court. National Managing Partner, Derek Potts, weighed in on the motion stating, “The magnitude of this case and number of people impacted by the chemical leak is evident from this filing by Six Flags.”

Once the MDL Motion to Transfer is filed, the other parties have 20 days to respond. A decision will then be made by the Texas State MDL Panel on whether the MDL should be created and if so, which judge should be appointed to oversee it.

The lawsuit is regarding: Six Flags of Splashtown Litigation, MDL Docket Number 21-0779.

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