In the early morning hours of Thursday, December 23, 2021, a fiery explosion broke out at the ExxonMobil oil refinery in Baytown, Texas. The authorities have labeled the incident a “major industrial accident,” resulting in at least four severely injured workers. Three workers were airlifted and one was transported by ambulance to the nearby hospital. ExxonMobil confirmed that additional people have been injured but did not require hospitalization at the time. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. However, reports state that the explosion happened in the plant’s gasoline production area. Residents were advised to avoid the area, but no shelter in place warnings have been announced.

Although the explosion was contained, blast injuries can spread to those nearby. Sound blast and shockwave are two common events that follow most explosions but are often overlooked. Sound blast exposure can damage the cochlea, the sound receiver inside your inner ears, and cause auditory injuries such as partial or permanent hearing loss. Sound blast injuries can even affect those inside their homes and vehicles. The 2013 West Fertilizer nitrate explosion in Waco, Texas, is a clear example of the harm that can follow an explosion. The nitrate explosion left over 250 victims with hearing-related injuries. Over 76% of the victims suffered injuries while inside another structure. Additional auditory injuries that can result from sound blast include peripheral hearing impairment, tinnitus, auditory processing disorder, and vestibular impairment. Shockwave exposure can harm those closer to the explosion. As air pressure fluctuates and travels quickly, it can result in auditory injuries in addition to eye injuries, brain injuries, concussions, and damage to internal organs.

At this time, it is unclear if toxic chemicals escaped the plant explosion. However, as we have learned from previous chemical leaks, chemical exposure can result in eyes, nose, throat, skin irritation, respiratory issues, pulmonary hemorrhaging, and even death. Further investigation is required to determine if any chemicals have escaped and who is to blame for the explosion.

If you or a loved one are suffering injuries due to the ExxonMobil Explosion on December 23, 2021, you need an industrial accident lawyer who can help guide you. We will fight to hold all those responsible and get you the compensation you deserve!

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