The 2022 Austin Crawfish festival, which was held on March 5 and 6, 2022, was attended by over 50,000 people and it was a huge failure. The event, which is supposed to be an all-you-can-eat affair, had patrons waiting in lines for hours only to be told there was no more crawfish available.

The organizer of the event, Hello! Entertainment Group, promised that for $49, VIP ticketholders would get an “All You Can Eat” and early entry service experience. It was anything but that for attendees. Event goers were stuck in long lines for food and parking for hours on end. It was reported that the payment system was down due to their generator running out of gas and that the price of the alcohol was changing during the event. The live music stage was also reported to be having issues. Despite the festival’s reassurance, Day 2 of the festival was not any better. They promised at 11:40am that there would be “1,500 lbs. of crawfish until 4pm AND then we will have another 4,000 lbs.,” by 2:30, crawfish still hadn’t shown up to the VIP area. The event was an unorganized mess and a disappointment all around.

Hello! Entertainment Group, whom is also the organizer behind the Houston Night Market and ATX Ramen N’ Sake Fest, has allegedly scammed attendees at other festivals across Texas in the past as well. The Austin Crawfish Festival of 2020, which was canceled because of the pandemic, led to organizers not refunding ticket buyers, and rather; honoring the tickets at the 2022 failure of an event. Many people on social media felt the festival was reminiscent to the 2018 Frye Festival that left attendees stranded without food and adequate shelter.

Those at the crawfish festival who were expecting to feast on endless servings of the crustaceans as promised, were left disgruntled and misled. No refunds have been issued.

If you attended the Austin Crawfish Festival, you must know and protect your legal rights. The Potts Law Firm is taking an active role investigating the failure of the Austin Crawfish Festival and why it happened. We promise to work tirelessly to obtain the financial compensation the attendees deserve as well as ensure that this does not happen ever again at a Texas festival.

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