Volkswagen has recalled over 246,000 Atlas and Atlas Sport SUVs in the U.S. and Canada due to faulty wiring harnesses that may cause the vehicle to unexpectedly brake on its own. It includes 2019 through 2023 Volkswagen Atlas and 2020 through 2023 Atlas Cross Sport.

The recall comes in the wake of a report from the Associated Press that detailed a variety of complaints from 47 Volkswagen owners to the NHTSA. Drivers have reported that their warning lights and alarms would flash and their SUVS would suddenly brake in the middle of traffic, nearly resulting in rear-ended accidents. One driver wrote in a complaint to the NHTSA that their vehicle abruptly stopped on its own multiple times at speeds of 25 to 70 miles per hour. There is also the issue of faulty wiring corrosion which can interrupt other electrical connections and cause airbags to deploy late in a crash. This suboptimal airbag timing increases the probability of injury to passengers.

Volkswagen issued the recall on March 4 “out of an abundance of caution” and are in the process of developing the repairs. Owners will be notified by mail of the safety risk starting May 10, 2022, and a second time when the remedy becomes available. Although Volkswagen attempts to rectify the matter, this will not undo all the damage that their negligence has caused. Owners of the recalled vehicles will suffer damages in the form of reduced value of their vehicle, even with corrective repairs.

Volkswagen stated that owners who have concerns should contact VW Customer Care. To find if your vehicle is included in the recall, visit the National Highway Traffic Administration’s website and enter your vehicle identification number (VIN).

No one expects their vehicle to be riddled with such a dangerous defect. This is a tremendous safety hazard that can alter your life in devastating ways. If you or someone you know is an owner of one of the Volkswagen models mentioned above and were seriously injured due to an unexpected braking defect or have experienced vehicle malfunctioning, you should speak with one of our auto defect attorneys today. Even if you have not suffered injuries, you may be entitled to damages.

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