South Jersey authorities were investigating complaints surrounding a rotten-egg smell first reported in Gloucester County. East Greenwich Township officials reported that the odor was coming from a truck stop with a trailer containing 7,000 gallons of a chemical with a rotten-egg odor.

According to Camden County officials, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management advised residents to stay indoors on Wednesday afternoon after the first 911 call came in around 3:27 p.m. “We are aware that this odor is extremely widespread throughout western Gloucester and other parts of the county,” Gloucester County Emergency Management said in its late-afternoon post on Facebook.

Firefighters extinguished the tanker truck parked at the TA Travel truck stop on Berkley Road in East Greenwich, Gloucester County. According to police, the TransChem USA trailer was transporting 7,000 gallons of a fuel additive and was expelling the chemical into the air. It was determined that the tanker released the fumes in response to the hot conditions. The emergency management department identified the chemical to be Lubrizol, otherwise known as Zinc Alkyldithiophosphate.

Numerous calls were made to the police regarding the toxic egg-like smell. Officials reported the health concerns are low, however; ordered surrounding communities to stay indoors. The chemical leak that sent a strong odor across multiple counties has now been contained completely say, officials. The shelter-in-place has been lifted, however; multiple areas still reported the odor to be lingering in the air.

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