An Aeromexico plane carrying 99 passengers and four crew members, crashed shortly after take-off on Tuesday, July 31st in Mexico’s north-central state of Durango.

The plane was scheduled to travel from the general Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango to Mexico City, a 550-mile flight with an estimated duration of 2 hours.

Although the cause of the crash was unknown at the moment, it seems it was due to “adverse weather conditions.” At the time of take-off, the weather was stormy, and the aircraft hit the ground nose-first, just a few hundred yards away from the runway. A full investigation into the cause is in progress.

Immediately following the crash, many of the passengers were able to climb out of the plane and emergency vehicles and fire trucks arrived within minutes. At least 80 of the occupants were treated at hospitals, with only one in critical condition. The plane’s captain underwent surgery for a spinal injury, however, his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening at the moment. What is significant about this story, is that none of the occupants had been killed.

Aeromexico has a reputation for being one of the world’s safer airlines, but that does not mean that they have been free of serious or catastrophic accidents. In 1986, an Aeromexico flight approaching Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) from Mexico crashed, killing 64 people on board, 15 people on the ground, and three in a smaller aircraft that collided with the airplane. Also, in 1981, an Aeromexico jet steered off a runway and burst into flames as it was landing in northern Mexico, killing 36 people.

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News Source: The New York Times


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