A recent investigation by CNN News has found that at least 103 U.S. Uber drivers over the past four years have been accused of sexual assault or abuse by their passengers. At least 31 of these predators have been convicted of sexual crimes while using the Uber platform; from groping and false imprisonment to rape. The remaining 72 drivers have either been arrested on criminal charges, are wanted by authorities, or are currently being named in civil suits for sexual allegations.

John David Sanchez, a 54-year-old Uber driver, was recently arrested for raping a San Diego Uber passenger. After a night of drinking, the female rider passed out in the back seat during her Uber ride. She woke to Sanchez raping her a block from her home. She was able to escape and called 911. After his arrest, police found videos of Sanchez raping women and abusing teenagers on his computer; these videos dated back at least five years. John Sanchez was found guilty of the rape, along with 33 other counts of sexual assault against women and children.

A Miami, Florida Uber rider has also been victim to sexual assault and is a plaintiff in a proposed class action lawsuit against Uber. She told CNN during an interview regarding Uber’s lack of safety, “You are pretty much hitchhiking with strangers. How many people is it going to take to get assaulted before something is done?”

Lyft, Uber’s competitor has also experienced reports of sexual assaults by its drivers. At least 18 passengers have been accused of sexual assault in the past four years, four of which were convicted.

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*CNN’s analysis comes from an in-depth review of police reports, federal court records and county court databases for 20 major U.S. cities.



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