Congratulations to Derek H. Potts on being recognized in the 2020 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America for his work in:

  • Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions;
  • Medical Malpractice Law;
  • Personal Injury Litigation

This is the second consecutive year in a row Mr. Potts, our National Managing Partner and Founder, has been recognized on the Best Lawyers list.

Best Lawyers® is the oldest and most highly-respected peer review guide in the legal industry. When selecting a lawyer, many people refer to attorneys on the Best Lawyers list as those lawyers consistently show professionalism, integrity, and knowledge in the legal community.

Derek H. Potts has led high-profile mass tort cases including the transvaginal mesh litigation, which is the largest medical device litigation in United States history. Mr. Potts was also a state court leader in the General Motors Ignition Switch litigation. There, he obtained victory in the Supreme Court of Missouri and then successfully resolved hundreds of cases. Mr. Potts is currently leading litigation due to mass property damage inflicted on the residents of Houston, Texas from Hurricane Harvey and the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ release of water from reservoirs. To learn more about Mr. Potts, click here.

Below are some of Mr. Potts’s notable cases:

Transvaginal Mesh Litigation
Appointed by two Federal Courts to oversee the largest medical device consolidation in history as Co Lead Counsel of CR Bard MDL and Co Lead Counsel of the Mentor OB Tape MDL resulting in the recovery of over $1,000,000,000 for our clients.

GM Ignition Switch Litigation
Lead Counsel in multiple state court consolidations resulting in the settlement of hundreds of plaintiffs’ involved in automobile accidents due to the defect.

Kugel Mesh Trial and Settlement
Appointed by a Federal Court to oversee the medical device consolidation as a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and tried the first bellwether trial resulting in a jury verdict that the device was defectively designed, leading to a $184,000,000 global settlement.

AT&T Mobility Class Action Settlement
Class counsel for consumers in states of New York, New Jersey and Arkansas, which resulted in a national settlement of over $1,000,000,000.

Hurricane Harvey Class Action Counsel
Appointed by a Federal Court to oversee the downstream plaintiffs inverse condemnation class action against the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

$12,100,000 Jury Verdict in Millard v Gard
Obtained the verdict in a medical malpractice case involving a minor in a Federal Court in Kansas.

$3,581,455 Judgment after Jury Verdict in Novogradac v Shirshekan
Obtained a verdict in a nursing home abuse case in State Court in Missouri that was sustained on appeal. Interest was awarded on top of the original verdict in Novogradac v Shirshekan 295 S.W. 3d 528.

$4,600,000 Jury Verdict in Wilburn v Bethany Medical Center
Obtained a verdict in a medical malpractice case involving a minor in State Court in Kansas.

$2,100,000 Trial Settlement in Callen v Heartland Health
Obtained a settlement during trial in a medical malpractice case in State Court in Missouri.

$1,004,421 Judgement after Jury Verdict in Sgroi v St. Louis University Hospital
Obtained a verdict in a medical malpractice case in State Court in Missouri sustained on appeal by the Supreme Court on Missouri.

About The Potts Law Firm
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