In the most recent case of an elected official being forced out of office due to sexual misconduct, former speaker of the Hawaii House of Representatives, Joseph Souki, announces he will be resigning next week due to sexual harassment allegations. According to CBS News, Joseph Souki, 86 years old, is believed to have sexually harassed multiple women verbally and physically. Souki’s settlement seeks a public apology, a $5,000 fine and for Souki not to seek office for two years.

Souki has admitted to “sexual comments, including comments on the physical appearance of more than one woman, that were inappropriate and unwanted.” His attorney, Michael Green, stated “He’s agreed to take responsibility for what they’ve accused him of, but frankly, doesn’t remember the incidents.”

Since allegations against Harvey Weinstein were brought to light in 2017, numerous women have come forth with sexual harassment cases. Since 2017, least 23 lawmakers have been forced to resigned or were let go because of allegations made by women who spoke out against sexual abuse they experienced in the workplace.

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