On August 3rd, 2018, The Potts Law Firm filed two new lawsuits against former Albuquerque doctor Guy Rosenschein and Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

The lawsuits allege that Dr. Rosenschein committed multiple acts of sexual assault against his patients and possessed pornographic images of his patients while employed as a pediatric urologist at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. One lawsuit alleges Dr. Rosenschein photographed a 7-year-old girl’s genitals and tried to examine her without her mother present. The other lawsuit claims that Dr. Rosenschein touched and photographed a 7-year-old boy’s genitals.

Dr. Rosenschein saw dozens – if not hundreds – of patients each week. Parents have reason to believe their children were assaulted by Dr. Rosenschein as he would routinely ask parents to leave the room during their childrens’ exams and then photograph their children. Dr. Rosenschein would also perform surgeries that would last much longer than expected.

Dr. Rosenschein was a pediatric urologist at Presbyterian from 2012 until he was arrested in November of 2016. He is currently awaiting a criminal trial and is in federal custody. According to the superseding indictment issued in June, Rosenschein is being charged with 15 counts of possession and distribution of visual depictions of minors engaged in sexual conduct. Learn more about Rosenschein’s Criminal Charges.

The Potts Law Firm currently represents 12 families who have filed claims against Dr. Rosenschein and Presbyterian Healthcare Services in relation to Dr. Rosenschein’s employment. These clients, ranging from 1 to 15 years old, are former pediatric patients of Presbyterian Healthcare Services who were treated by Dr. Rosenschein. Their lawsuits include claims of negligence, gross negligence, infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, lack of informed consent, assault, and negligent hiring, training, credentialing, retention, supervision, and management.

Presbyterian and Rosenschein Lawsuit

If you or a loved one believe you may have been treated by Dr. Rosenschein as a patient at Presbyterian Healthcare Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico, please contact our Albuquerque lawyers to discuss your claim. We will give you all the time your case deserves and provide an honest assessment of your case.


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