The Potts Law Firm attorneys Andrew A. Woellner and Douglas Salisbury are representing Baytown residents Albert and Samantha Zamarron in a lawsuit filed on March 20, 2018 against Chevron Phillips Chemical Co., LP. The Zamarrons allege the petrochemical company’s project to control and prevent flooding at its Cedar Bayou facility, the U.S. Gulf Coast Petrochemicals project, caused flooding issues for those residing in the adjacent subdivision of Harvest Meadows.

The suit was filed in the Harris County 215th District Court and alleges Chevron Phillips never fixed the flooding issues that were a result of their flood prevention project, which resulted in the flooding of Harvest Meadows during the downpour of Hurricane Harvey. The Cedar Bayou facility was seemingly safe after the catastrophic hurricane, while Harvest Meadows experienced substantial flooding.

As a result of the Chevron Phillips flood prevention project, the Zamarrons and neighboring areas experienced, property damage to homes and vehicles and a decrease in their overall property value. While plaintiffs allege Chevron Phillips admitted it was their fault the Zamarrons and others suffered damages during Harvey, they “offered less than market value for those homes, and only offered to purchase the homes at their reduced post-flooding price,” according to the complaint.

The Texas Water Code prohibits all Texans from causing flooding on another property. If your neighbors’ home builders caused flooding to your home, they may be liable for the flood damages you suffered during Harvey. The Potts Law Firm is here to help you be fairly compensated for the damages you’ve suffered due to construction negligence. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our undefeated Hurricane Harvey lawyers.


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