A house explosion in Hempstead on Christmas Eve leaves one man critically injured, the home destroyed, and several other houses damaged.

The explosion happened around 10:20 PM on Christmas Eve when a man came to the house to pick up clothes. The home reportedly exploded when he opened the door. The Waller County Fire Marshall’s office is currently investigating. The cause of the accident is not yet clear.

Although rare, home explosions are very dangerous and can be deadly. The three leading origins of home explosions are gas leaks, water heaters, and furnace boilers.

Gas leak-related explosions are rare. You should immediately report the smell of the leaking gas. Gas appliances should be serviced and inspected regularly by a qualified professional. Including a gas leak detector to your home safety checklist is a good idea.

If a water heater tank becomes over-pressurized it can explode with incredible force. To make sure the pressure does not build up, have a plumber service the water heater every year.

Finally, if your home has a furnace boiler, it should be serviced every year in the same way as a water heater. Boiler explosions can be catastrophic. They are caused by either faulty parts or normal wear and tear of the device.

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