Hurricane Ida was arguably one of the most powerful storms to hit the United States. It delivered days of destruction and despair right from the time it made landfall in Louisiana to the intense rainfall it left that flooded the Northeast.

Hurricanes have caused the most deaths and devastation compared to all other weather disasters in U.S. history. Homeowners and business owners alike suffer as the storm impacted all types of properties including homes, rental properties, commercial real estate, and vehicles.

It is not uncommon for some property insurance companies to unfairly deny, or delay claims and/or underestimate the extent of your property damages. While others may even deliberately try slowing down the processing of claims, make threatening statements, claim that repairs are not included in the policy, or fail to conduct a proper investigation. These are all considered bad faith tactics that insurance companies may use in order to avoid paying rightfully owed claims. You may end up receiving a settlement offer worth far less than what you deserve. Several months have passed since Hurricane Ida, yet there are still thousands of people who have not received any money from their insurance companies. You do not have to accept these conclusions. We are here to help you dispute them, especially if they are not reasonable.

Our qualified attorneys can guide you and help speed up the process. If you are looking for a hurricane damage lawyer, look no further than Potts Law. We can assist at any stage of the process from the initial property damage claim to the settlement evaluation. If you believe you were unfairly denied or experiencing a delay, we will step in and investigate to build your claim to make sure you receive the insurance payout that you need and deserve. An attorney at Potts Law Firm can also serve as the voice in any negotiations or litigation that occur.

If you were affected by Hurricane Ida or any other storm, and you are struggling with the insurance claim process, you may need the assistance of one of our experienced attorneys. You deserve a team that will fight for you to receive the maximum amount you are entitled to under the law. We have offices conveniently located in New Orleans and LaPlace.

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