There has been a massive recall by global medical device company, Exactech, for more than 147,000 knee and ankle replacements. The recall was announced in February 2022 following reports of premature wear and early revision surgery due to a defective plastic insert component that causes them to fail early.

The plastic inserts, also known as the Exactech Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), are designed to fit in between the metal parts of a knee or ankle replacement to cushion the joints. It has been made known that the inserts had been defectively packaged, causing the insert component to oxidize before use. Exactech warned that early exposure to oxygen may lead to the degradation of the mechanical properties of the inserts and lead to premature failure.

The following implants are affected by the recall:

  • Exactech Optetrak knee implants
  • Exactech Optetrak Logic knee implants
  • Exactech Truliant knee implants
  • Exactech Vantage ankle replacements

Due to Exactech’s defective products, patients across the country are experiencing painful complications and are having to undergo revision surgeries and continuous medical care to negate the damages incurred. It is Exactech’s legal obligation to ensure the safety of their products and it should be held responsible when dangerous defects such as these arise. If you are experiencing any symptoms such as swelling, severe pain, inability to apply weight on the joint, or any grinding noise, we advise you to contact your surgeon and schedule an examination as soon as possible.

Exactech announced that it hired Broadspire, a settlement adjustment company, to oversee the claims reimbursement process, however; will only cover “recall-related out-of-pocket expenses.” Participating in the company’s recall claim process may result in the loss of your rights in a future claim you wish to pursue.

If your Exactech knee replacement implant failed and you had to undergo corrective surgery, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Our lawyers can advise you on the appropriate steps.

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