Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan is recalling nearly 323K Nissan Pathfinder SUVs in the United States due to the fact the hoods can unexpectedly fly open, obstructing the driver’s view. The recall affects the models from the year 2013 to 2016. The affected vehicles were made between June 20, 2012, and July 27, 2016, at a Tennessee plant according to documents posted on June 13.

According to documents posted by US safety regulators on Tuesday, dust and dirt can accumulate on the secondary hood latch. As a result, it may malfunction and remain unlatched even when the hood is closed. If the main latch is inadvertently released or not properly closed after engine service, the hood may fly open. This is a huge safety hazard with severe consequences.

Owners are expected to be notified by letter beginning July 18 instructing customers to “check the bell crank” of their vehicles,” as well as other service options. Nissan is currently working on a solution for the issue and will notify owners of the vehicles once the repair is developed. Owners will also be able to take the vehicle to their dealer for maintenance repair free of charge.

Not sure your vehicle is included in the recall? Visit the National Highway and Traffic Administration’s website and plug in your vehicle identification number (VIN).

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