According to a thorough investigation by Sports Illustrated, the Dallas Mavericks organization “festered a corrosive, harassment-filled workplace” for years. Dozens of former and current employees were interviewed and described the organization as a “real-life Animal House.”

The report focuses on former Mavericks CEO Terdema Ussery who joined the organization in 1997. Ussery continuously harassed women, made unwelcome contact and requests for sex. The women showed Sports Illustrated reporters logs dating back years detailing Ussery’s behavior. Ussery left the Mavericks in 2015 for a job at Under Armour. He resigned after two months on the job amid an investigation into inappropriate behavior toward a female coworker.

The report also mentioned former Mavericks freelance reporter Earl Sneed who was hired to write full time for Mavs.com in 2010. Sneed dated a co-worker with the Mavericks who he allegedly assaulted in 2014. The woman reported the incident to Human Resources. The woman was the one who ultimately quit while Sneed kept his job.

In addition, former Mavericks Human Resources Director Buddy Pittman was recently fired for being unhelpful to women who reported inappropriate behavior by management executives.

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