According to NBC News, a pedestrian bridge in Miami, Florida collapsed and killed several victims that were driving on a highway near the Florida International University on March 15, 2018.

The $11.2 million walkway designed by MCM and FIGG Bridge Engineers was alleged to withstand catastrophic elements and was under construction and scheduled to open next year. It was reportedly 174 feet long and weighed 950 tons. The walkway was placed in its permanent position (above the 7-lane road) on Saturday, March 10, and was meant to give university students access to the city of Sweetwater.

Governor Rick Scott tweeted on Thursday, “I have spoken with Miami-Dade County Police Chief Juan Perez about the pedestrian bridge collapse at FIU. I will be in constant communication with law enforcement throughout the day.”

The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed several vehicles were crushed by the incident, causing several deaths. The Potts Law Firm is currently investigating the events surrounding the FIU pedestrian bridge tragedy and those responsible for the construction defects. If you or a loved one were injured or killed due to the Miami, Florida FIU-Sweetwater construction defect, contact The Potts Law Firm now for your free consultation.


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