According to the CDC, over 300,000 patients received hip implants in 2010 in the U.S. Whether aging or an injury is to blame, the hip is an important joint in allowing mobility and everyday functionality. The industry of hip implants includes many manufacturers who are constantly seeking ways to make the devices more effective in providing natural mobility to patients.

Unfortunately, some of these devices have proven to be a risk to patients rather than an aid. Companies facing hip implant recalls and lawsuits regarding defective hip implants include DePuy, Stryker, Biomet, and Zimmer. The hazards associated with each device may vary, but some of the dangers include:

Dislocation – In the event that a device is worn down enough, it can dislocate within the body and become misaligned. In addition to excruciating pain, this causes the need for surgery to repair or replace the implant.

Metal Toxins – When the pieces of the hip implants move against each other within the body, the materials may start to break down over time. Even in extremely tiny flakes, the metals of the parts can enter the bloodstream and poison the patient. Cobalt, chromium, and other metals can cause both short and long-term effects on the body.

In addition, bone fractures can occur near the implant’s site, or the implant itself can become loosened within the body. Since the hip bears a large portion of the body’s weight when standing, even a slight issue can cause extreme pain and render a patient immobile until the implant can be repaired.

Due to these risks, many hip implants have been recalled and thousands of lawsuits have been filed. If you are not sure if the model of your implant has been recalled or you may have suffered due to a malfunctioning implant, the attorneys of The Potts Law Firm can provide a free consultation to discuss the details of your case with you.



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