The Nursing Home and Medical Negligence Division at Potts Law Firm has been extremely successful in cases where elder abuse occurred in long-term care facilities. One of the many examples is the Novogradac v. Barry Healthcare case.

Mr. Novogradac was an elderly gentleman in need of skilled nursing care and was admitted to two of the Defendant’s nursing homes in the Kansas City area. His condition required the nurses to reposition him every two hours to prevent pressure ulcers or bed sores. However, due to a lack of adequate staffing, they failed to do so and Mr. Novogradac developed bed sores on his right and left heels. To add insult to injury, these ulcers were not treated in a timely manner and they became so severely infected, Mr. Novogradac suffered gangrene of both of his legs where the skin and surrounding tissues blackened and died off. In order to prevent the infection from spreading, Mr. Novogradac was forced to undergo emergent amputation of both of his legs to save his life. All-in-all, this could have been prevented with ordinary and standard care that is expected of all nursing homes.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

In preparation for trial, the attorneys at Potts Law Firm hired top-notch experts in their respective fields and the jury found for Mr. Novogradac and his family. They were awarded a verdict of over $3,000,000 for causation of bed sores, bilateral leg amputation, dehydration, and overall general neglect. Part of the jury verdict was for punitive damages to send a message to all nursing homes that the neglect and abuses that occurred here should never happen again.

Unsurprisingly, the Defense was displeased with the result and appealed, but the lawyers at Potts Law Firm fought diligently for Mr. Novogradac and his family and the verdict was upheld.

The Nursing Home and Medical Negligence Division at Potts Law Firm is comprised of highly experienced and skilled attorneys and professionals in this specialty of medical law. If you or a loved-one suspect abuse or neglect, please contact the attorneys at Potts Law Firm for a free legal consultation. For the health and safety, as well as piece of mind, contact Potts Law Firm at (888) 420-1299 to find out available options.



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