Strong winds and rain swept through Houston and surrounding areas last night, causing wind damage to many homes and businesses. Severe gusts of 80 miles per hour wind also took down a large private hangar a little after midnight at the Houston Hobby Airport located on West Monroe Road and Scranton Street. ABC News reports eight private planes were damaged, causing millions of dollars in damages. No one was in the hangar at the time of collapse, and the runway reopened for inbound and outbound flights after 3 pm today.

Meteorologists say that a “microburst” is what caused the collapse of the private airplane hangar. A microburst is created by thunderstorms and rain showers and leads to an intense small-scale downdraft.

Houston homeowners and surrounding neighbors should remain alert for weather changes according to WeatherBug meteorologist Mark Ellinwood, who stated that “April has the potential for higher than normal tornado activity, but whatever gains that might occur in April could get wiped out by a quieter than normal May.”

If you’ve experienced a loss of a vehicle or damage to your home or property due to the Houston thunder and wind storm, it is important that you file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. If you are denied or underpaid coverage after filing your claim, contact The Potts Law Firm for a free evaluation of your disputed insurance claim.


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