National Managing Partner, Derek Potts, was interviewed about NFL Coach Jon Gruden resigning from his current position as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. He gives insight on how Gruden could possibly proceed with the payout of his remaining salary.

NFL Coach Jon Gruden resigned as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday, October 12, 2021. The sudden departure comes after an email scandal surfaced from 2011. Gruden could be out millions of dollars in pay as he signed a $100 million contract in 2018. Gruden completed three seasons with the Raiders, meaning his contract payout this far is approximately $140 million.

National Managing Partner, Derek Potts, weighs heavily on whether or not Gruden will be paid out. Because Gruden wasn’t fired, and resigned, he will most likely be paid a portion of his remaining salary. Derek Potts states, I would think that is likely what will occur… In this case, we have emails that were not even sent while he was coaching under his current contract. They were from 10 years ago. That is quite different than if he sent emails while under contract as coach of the Raiders.” He also stated that he would be “shocked if Gruden turned away from 100 percent of his remaining compensation.”

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