Severe storms containing heavy winds, large hail, and tornadoes took place on Tuesday in Kansas, making its way through Oklahoma by mid-week.

Nearly a dozen preliminary tornadoes were reported in the Kansas storm, which were the first twisters the state has seen this year. Kansas also experienced softball-sized hail; images on social media pictured car windows smashed as a result of the hail storm.

The storm moved through the Oklahoma City metro by Wednesday afternoon. Golf-ball to baseball-sized hail was reported throughout Oklahoma cities. The National Weather Service also confirmed an EF1 tornado touched down in Norman, Oklahoma, with another twister spotted near Amber, Oklahoma.

Hundreds of Oklahoma residents have reported structural damage due to strong winds, heavy rain, and hail storms. Damage to homes in Amber, Oklahoma were reported along County Street 2880, and residents of Purcell, Oklahoma suffered tree and roof damage. The storm’s heavy rain also caused localized flooding in Ada, Fittstown and Cetrahoma, Oklahoma.

According to, the storm is not over; Friday’s forecast show possibilities of thunderstorms, wind and tornadoes moving through the interior Northeast. In total, the storm is predicted to cover more than 103,000 square miles and effect nearly 6.8 million people, according to the Storm Prediction Center.

Due to the massive hail and wind damage incurred, there are sure to be numerous insurance claims filed by home and business owners in the coming months. If your home or vehicle was affected by the Kansas and Oklahoma hail and wind storms, you should file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible and document all damages you’ve incurred. If you experienced damage to your vehicle or home and disagree with an insurance provider about your coverage, contact The Potts Law Firm for an evaluation of your insurance claim. Our insurance dispute attorneys will meet with you free of charge, and you will owe nothing for attorney fees unless we win your case.


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